Slack community access

how do I get access to the slack workspace for localstack ? When I try to sign in with my gmail account it always says that my email " doesn’t have an account on this workspace." And I don’t see an option to create one. Thank you.

Hi @howardxie :wave:

Thanks for creating a discussion here! You can always request for an invite for our Community Slack at Right now, I have personally invited you to the Slack community!

Please let me know if you have any further troubles signing in :smiley:

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Please do consider updating the get-involved page and the contact page (which is linked to from countless GitHub issues) because right now it reads as if anyone who opens an issue can just jump into Slack, but based on this thread (and my experience) that’s not true

Hi :wave:

We have recently updated both the pages — Folks have started joining our Community Slack directly though the links :smiley:

Thanks for the awesome feedback!