A way to see ' invisible' SQS messages?

Just wondering if anyone knows of a way to see an SQS message that is currently ‘invisible’?

I know i can just change the visibility timeout, but i’m hoping to add a generic check to all my tests teardown functions that check the queue to see if anything has been left around and fail the test if so (so setting a low visibility timeout would have to be changed for all my queues/messages which isn’t ideal).

I know there is a nice ‘peek’ feature: Simple Queue Service (SQS) | Docs , which i have tried, but it seems to obey the same ‘only show visible messages’ constraint of real aws sqs queues.

Hey sam @sadams, currently that’s not possible, but it’s a really good idea, and was very simple to implement, so I added a PR here: add ability to peek delayed and invisible sqs messages by thrau · Pull Request #9357 · localstack/localstack · GitHub

Hey Thrau, thank you so much! :superhero: