Adding AWS DMS to the supported features

I’m interested in building a test ETL pipeline using localstack which would require AWS DMS. I checked the feature coverage page and it’s missing from the list. I was told AWS DMS was on the roadmap. Could you please share details about the timelines? My team has a localstack trial license but we are considering purchasing full licences.


The github repo for the project is internal so I can’t share that but the github pages are public: Managed Pipelines - Managed Pipelines. We would like to replicate this infrastructure using local stack:

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To be more specific use DMS to extract full and/or changed data from an RDS database and write to parquet files in an S3 bucket

Any update on this? My team has now purchased licenses but we’re stuck until a DMS feature is released :slight_smile:

We are investigating a timeline for DMS, but given the complexity of the service, I currently cannot give an accurate ETA. Thanks for your patience!