Amplify plugin - can't get init to work

I have the Localstack trial going to see if I can get it to work with my AWS Amplify project locally. I’ve installed and configured the amplify-localstack plugin but I get an error every time I try to do the amplify init locally. I have manually added the environment as well using amplify env add.

Here is what I get from the CLI:

╰─➤  amplify init --use-localstack true                                    
Info:    Patching AWS Amplify libs
Note: It is recommended to run this command from the root of your app directory
? Do you want to use an existing environment? Yes
? Choose the environment you would like to use: dev
Using default provider  awscloudformation
✖ Initializing your environment: dev
✖ There was an error initializing your environment.
🛑 Could not find a deployment bucket for the specified backend environment. This environment may have been deleted.

Resolution: Make sure the environment has been initialized with "amplify init" or "amplify env add".
Learn more at:

Session Identifier: cf69ca24-5cbc-4c4d-9ac9-f95e15c22d73

Here is what I get in the localstack terminal:

💻 LocalStack CLI 3.1.0
 👤 Profile: default

[14:07:17] starting LocalStack in Docker mode 🐳                                                                                                  
─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── LocalStack Runtime Log (press CTRL-C to quit) ───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────

LocalStack version:
LocalStack Docker container id: 5df2b33620a4
LocalStack build date: 2024-01-29
LocalStack build git hash: 5170ba2e

2024-02-09T22:07:19.556  INFO --- [-functhread4] hypercorn.error            : Running on (CTRL + C to quit)
2024-02-09T22:07:19.556  INFO --- [-functhread4] hypercorn.error            : Running on (CTRL + C to quit)
2024-02-09T22:07:34.296  INFO --- [   asgi_gw_0]     : AWS s3.GetObject => 404 (NoSuchBucket)