API for service 'kinesis' not yet implemented

I am running localstack on M1 using docker-compose when I try to send messages I get error messages saying “An error occurred (InternalFailure) when calling the PutRecord operation: API for service ‘kinesis’ not yet implemented or pro feature” when I try to setup the ingress/egreess I get a similar message: An error occured when calling the list shards method … API for service kinesis not yet implemented … What is is causing this as these are all standard API’s I think

I added KINESIS_PROVIDER=kinesalite but that did not fix the issue.

and localstack image is: localstack/localstack:3

These errors seem to go away on my M1 Apple Silicon when using localstack/localstack:latest-arm64. But 3.1 without arm64 does not seem to work.

Hello @draco,

Some operations are not yet implemented, or they are part of the Pro feature.
Please visit our website for the coverage overview | Docs (localstack.cloud).

Please consider using the localstack/localstack-pro:latest docker image to have access to Pro services.

docker pull localstack/localstack-pro:latest