AWS Region provided in S3 event notification

The Context

I have a bucket created in us-west-2 along with a lambda function in us-west-2 and an S3 event trigger for s3:PutObject . I then use a signed URL to upload a file into the bucket.

Using the AWS CLI with --region us-west-2 and --endpoint-url= http://localhost:4566 reveals the bucket and objects do indeed exist in us-west-2 . The lambda function is getting invoked in us-west-2 as well, as per the output logs of the localstack-pro container (with DEBUG=1 ).

This is with the latest LocalStack Pro Docker image.

The Issue
The event object passed into the Python lambda function handler has an AWS region of us-east-1 , despite the bucket, the event notification, and the lambda function executing in us-west-2 .

Any thoughts or ideas as to what might be going on?

Hi @platobms,

Could you please provide the debug logs from LocalStack or provide a step-by-step procedure for reproducing this issue? Thanks.