Awscli-local not working

Installed awscli-local using pip, but when trying to access it to create an s3 bucket, I am getting - awslocal is not recognized as an internal or an external command. How do I fix the issue?

Hi — What OS/machine specifications do you have? :eyes:

Hello, @yashone7,

Please try to update your version of AWS LocalStack wrapper
pip install -U awscli awscli-local
and check if the PATH variable points to a correct address where the python packages are installed.
pip list -v | grep awscli-local
Maybe you are running different versions of Python, or perhaps you installed it in the venv?

For example, on a Windows machine, it would be similar to this address

You can also try to get the command using PowerShell:

Get-Command awslocal,python | ft -Property source                                                                                                                                                           


On Linux/Mac you should be able to use to find the installed commands:

which awslocal python3