CDK RDS secret rotation Lambdas

I am using CDK to define and deploy my AWS resources

I have encountered a problem which prevents me from deploying to localstack.

When I add a secret rotation to my RDS db, CDK makes use of some pre-defined Lambda functions, perhaps borrowed from or shared with SAM project.

When I attempt a cdklocal deploy I get the following error:

Error [InternalError]: exception while calling cloudformation.CreateChangeSet: [InvalidResourceException('DatabaseMySQLRotationSingleUser27AA2177', 'Unable to find Serverless app with ID arn:aws:serverlessrepo:us-east-1:297356227824:applications/SecretsManagerRDSMySQLRotationSingleUser')]

So the problem is that my stack doesn’t define this Lambda, and obviously the necessary def doesn’t exist in localstack.

Is there any possibility of a workaround where specific resources like this could reach out to real AWS ?

Hi — We provide dedicated customer support for all the LocalStack users with an active subscription. RDS comes under an active subscription, hence I would suggest to reach out to us through the following channels: