Cdklocal integration with Glue service


I’m trying to deploy a set of resources related with Glue Service (Database, Job and Trigger) though cdklocal, but unfortunately all the tentatives so far are not working properly.

Here is my CDK code to create the Glue job:

        glueETLJob = glue.CfnJob(
                name = "pythonshell",
                python_version= "3",
                script_location = "s3://test/code/"

On localstack side the log show the following:

localstack_main | 2023-05-26T10:50:21.795 DEBUG — [ncthread2440] l.s.c.e.template_deployer : Running action “create” for resource type “AWS::Glue::Job” id “glueCDKjob”
localstack_main | 2023-05-26T10:50:21.795 DEBUG — [ncthread2440] l.s.c.e.template_deployer : Request for resource type “AWS::Glue::Job” in region eu-central-1: create_job {‘Command’: {‘Name’: ‘pythonshell’, ‘PythonVersion’: ‘3’, ‘ScriptLocation’: ‘s3://test/code/’}, ‘Role’: ‘glue_job_role.role_arn’, ‘GlueVersion’: ‘1.0’, ‘Name’: ‘glue_CDK_job’}
localstack_main | 2023-05-26T10:50:21.805 DEBUG — [ncthread2440] l.s.c.e.template_deployer : Executing callback method for AWS::Glue::Job:glueCDKjob

So it seems that there’s no error messages on the Glue Job creation action, but when i perform a “awslocal glue list-jobs” it returns an empty list. The same happen for Database and Trigger resources, is there any limitation of Glue related resources with cdklocal + localstack?


Note that the awslocal is using the us-east-1 region as a default region. If you are deploying to different regions, please set the option --region as well.