Does Localstack support Inventory Report generation?

S3 provides the feature to configure Inventory Report on a bucket: Amazon S3 Inventory - Amazon Simple Storage Service.

Based on the provided configuration, S3 will deliver the Inventory Report to the provided destination bucket.

Does Localstack support this functionality?

Hi — Yes, we do support that. Please find our S3 API coverage here: S3 (Simple Storage Service) | Docs

Thanks for sharing this info. I can see that Localstack supports APIs related to Inventory Report generation, such as the API to create an Inventory Report config. I tested this to check whether I can get an inventory report to be delivered to the configured destination bucket. However, the inventory report is not being delivered. Does Localstack actually generate inventory reports and deliver them to a bucket, or does it only provide the APIs to create/fetch Inventory config?

Hi @codzilla,

You’re right, we don’t have a complete emulation right now.
Would you please create a feature request on GitHub so that we can incorporate it into our roadmap?
Thank you.

New Issue · localstack/localstack (