Does localstack support Iot triggers for lambdas?

Hello everyone! I deployed lambda function with serverless. The lambda has iot trigger:

events: [
      iot: {
        sql: "SELECT * as message FROM 'a/b/#' where meta.action='acton-type'",
        description: 'MQTT triggered function',
        sqlVersion: '2016-03-23' as '2016-03-23',

I send message to mqtt with the next code:


import { mqtt5, iot } from 'aws-iot-device-sdk-v2';
import axios from 'axios';
import { toUtf8 } from '@aws-sdk/util-utf8-browser';


  const caCert = (await axios.get('')).data;
  const keysAndCertificate = await iotApi.createKeysAndCertificate();
  const builder = iot.AwsIotMqtt5ClientConfigBuilder
  const client : mqtt5.Mqtt5Client = new mqtt5.Mqtt5Client({,
    hostName: mqttEndpoint!.split(':')[0],
    port: +mqttEndpoint!.split(':')[1],

  const startPromise = new Promise<void>((resolve) => client.on('connectionSuccess', (_eventData: mqtt5.ConnectionSuccessEvent) => {
      console.log('Connection Success event');

  await startPromise;

  await client.publish({
    topicName: 'a/b/test',
    payloadFormat: 1,
    payload: JSON.stringify({
      meta: {
        action: 'acton-type',
    qos: mqtt5.QoS.AtLeastOnce,


And my lambda was not triggered. I also created subscriber with the code example above and successfully received published message. In localstack’s logs I only see message that client was connected.

Does localstack support Iot triggers for lambdas? If yes , could you show me what I am doing wrong.

Thank you!

Hi @mgistrser, you can find the supported triggers on our documentation page IoT | Docs (

Topic Rules
Supported triggers include Kinesis, Lambda, SQS, Firehose and DynamoDB v2.

Нi @Marcel! Thank you for help!
Should I open bug in this case?

Hi @mgistrser,

Please create a feature request at GitHub localstack/localstack (