Downloading the LocalStack Desktop binary without creating an account?

Hi, is there anywhere I can download the LocalStack Desktop binary directly other than from the app Web page? The reason that I need an account created to download the binary doesn’t satisfy my employer’s Open-source use policy and I cannot use it at work.

Hi, currently the download is only hosted inside our web app (*) so there are no external mirrors we maintain. I’m curious though to find out more about your policy.

(*) besides hosting the download, the web app does also provide more tooling and features to complement the core aws emulator, so I hope there is enough value in it to justify account creation.

best, Simon

The reason that there is no direct (static) download link to the app, my Open source acquisition team is not able to whitelist the URL on zscaler.

The LocalStack Desktop app is not open-source. I am not sure if this would fit your employer’s open source use policy. You can use LocalStack with the localstack CLI though :slight_smile: