DynamoDBStreams and Partial Batch Failure Handling

Hi folks
I am trying to use partial batch failure handling on a lambda in conjunction with a dynamodbstream. For testing purposes, I am trying to set up a lambda that reports a itemFailure for every third record received via the dynamodbstream (batch size 100). I am struggling to make this work. The lambda does return an object: {“batchItemFailures”: [{itemIdentifier: “03f893b2”}]} (example).

I have configured the eventSource mapping with FunctionResponseTypes: [“ReportBatchItemFailures”] and a DestinationConfig: { OnFailure: { Destination: dlqArn}}

I would like to ask if anybody has got this to work? I am wondering if this is not yet implemented or I have made a mistake in the configuration. I did find a PR for SQS PartialBatchItemFailures, but I do not know if this also includes dynamodbstreams.