ECS container name and IP address

I’m trying to call ECS containers serving small Flaks API server based on the IP address belonging to the tasks.containers.networkinterfaces field of the describe-tasks API result. But I found that the field value was empty in awsvpc networking mode. I think that this is because localstack does not support
the emulation of elastic IP attachment in awsvpc networking mode. is this correct?

BTW, instead of container’s IP address, I tried to use the container name to call containers, but the name pattern was different from the one described in the localstack webpage (Elastic Container Service (ECS) | Docs). In the page, the name pattern is specified as localstack__ but the actual name pattern was localstack___<?>\_<?>. For example, container name was localstack_abtest-project-engine_1_0_555d4351. What is the value at the end of container name? Is this name pattern user controllable? If not, is there any way to retrieve ECS tasks’s container name or IP address?