EMR on LocalStack doesn't emit events to EventBridge

In the LocalStack Pro version 3.1, we are trying to use EMR and we configured the event rule like this:

aws events put-rule
–name “Test-EMR-Events”
–event-pattern ‘{ “detail-type”: [“EMR Configuration Error”, “EMR Step Status Change”, “EMR Cluster State Change”], “source”: [“aws.emr”], “detail”: { “name”: [{ “prefix”: “test”}]}}’
–state ENABLED

and we also configured event target for this rule, but we don’t see the event emitted by LocalStack even if the EMR’s status is changed from “STARTING” to “WAITING”.

So my question is does LocalStack support EMR events out of box? Is there a plan to support that if it’s not yet.

Hi @cw_cof,

Currently, we don’t support this option. We have considered your input, and we will incorporate it into our internal roadmap.