Eventbridge API Destination not found in Pro Version

Me and my team are using event bridge as a sort of cron job service by utilizing its scheduled api destination calls. This works perfectly in the free version but then we upgraded to the pro version to utilize Cognito as well and at that moment the event bridge rules stopped working and would consistently give this error

localstack_main | 2022-09-24T06:22:08.227:INFO:localstack_ext.utils.aws.aws_utils: Unable to find EventBridge connection ‘f815f0a0-ee61-43b1-abbf-50896169ec17’ for API destination arn:aws:events:us-east-1:000000000000:api-destination/{apiDestPrefix}__d2a65738-3b6d-11ed-8b66-e2f8b75f0aef/e249a311-8d0f-4c92-99e6-d6e821456de3

Toggling between pro and free version by commenting out our api key in our docker-compose.yaml file confirms that this is caused by being in pro.

Are we missing some sort of configuration step when it comes to using event bridge in pro?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi @Tristan :wave:

Thanks for reporting a bug — For LocalStack Pro issues, please feel free to connect with us on LocalStack Pro Support over the Community Slack. Just drop in a message, and we will look into it at priority.

I will keep this thread updated with any solution that I encounter to help any upcoming user, in case they run into a similar issue.

@HarshCasper speaking of the slack do you have a link for it? The link on your other website doesn’t seem to work

I am hopeful that the link mentioned on the contact page works: slack.localstack.cloud

Have you tried that link? I just clicked it and it says its no longer active…

Apologies for that — The previous link expired. Please join through the new invite link