Exposing DynamoDB port

Is there a way to expose the internal dynamodb_local port so I can bypass the localstack proxy in order to seed test data at full speed? I’ve been looking through this thread on GitHub and it seems, due to the way localstack works, achieving the same performance as dynamodb_local isn’t possible. However bypassing the proxy in order to seed data would be a good compromise.

Hi nick, just copying my answer from GitHub here: if you are using any other dynamodb functionality of localstack afterwards, that won’t work properly since localstack requires the requests to go through the API wrapper to properly register things like tables or indexes. We are currently looking into the performance issue whether there are some easy wins or whether we need to rebuild things.
One thing you could look into until then is cloud pods which would allow you to restore a previous localstack state.

I’ve pushed a couple of fixes that are now in the latest image and should increase the performance a bit. You can start localstack with DYNAMODB_IN_MEMORY=1 now to use dynamodb’s in-memory mode, with the caveat that persistence no longer works.

there are also a couple more fixes in the pipeline which will improve the performance a bit more. you can find those in the thread on github you linked.

Will try those, thanks.

The thing that takes all the time for my use case is pushing a bunch of seed data into the DB after it has been initialized. I was hoping to bypass the localstack proxy for just that piece of the process.