How do I pin the running version of localstack with the CLI?

Hi folks,
So the recent bump of latest to v3 (seems to be “2.3.3-dev” internally) broke our environments.
How do we pin the running version of localstack using the CLI?
I can select the version of localstack-cli with pip install, but it is hard-coded to latest for the running image.
localstack start <argument>, or environment variable would work, running from systemd.
Many thanks.

Hi @mpr!
You can just use the environment variable IMAGE_NAME=localstack/localstack-pro:2.3.2 (for pro) or IMAGE_NAME=localstack/localstack:2.3.2 (for community) to use the respective version of the image.

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Cool, trying it with 2.3 as it looks like it keeps up with patch releases.
Fingers crossed …

Great! But please be aware that there are no planned patch releases for 2.3 anymore, it would be best to upgrade to 3.0 once it’s released to make sure you are keeping up with the latest features and bugfixes.

Patches are sometimes not planned. :slight_smile:
We will certainly move to 3 when we can test it out.
Keep up the good work.

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