How to bring down a specific service in localstack?

How do i stop or bring down a service like lambda or sqs in localstack ? Im exploring using local stack for chaos testing , my requirement is to bring down or stop a specific service in localstack

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Hi @Vighnesha :wave:

Thanks for reaching out :smiley: — For chaos testing, a good starting point is our implementation of the Fault Injection Simulator (FIS). Fault Injection Simulator (FIS) | Docs Our implementation actually supports more functionality than the AWS service, so you can use the FIS API to design specific chaos experiments on LocalStack.

You could use our implementation of FIS to design experiments to make service operations return error codes. Our FIS implementation is special in that it can raise exceptions for any API operation. So there’s a way to raise generic API errors for an entire service. For instance you could design an experiment that raises 408 timeout exceptions for all S3 operations.

Please have a look at our example experiment in our docs. I hope this helps!

Hi @HarshCasper ,
Thank you for quick revert. While I’m exploring FIS,
i would like to know if there are ways around to start/stop service like lambda/sqs. Please let me know if there are any

Also @HarshCasper , what are all the fault injection actions supported for services like s3 or sqs ? I could not find in docs, please help with examples if there are any.
I tried with experment template as below but it didnt work

	"actions": {
		"ListBuckets buckets new": {
			"actionId": "localstack:generic:s3-error",
			"parameters": {
				"service": "s3",
				"operation": "ListBuckets",
				"percentage": "100",
				"exception": "Error",
				"errorCode": "400"
	"description": "list buckets new",
	"stopConditions": [{
		"source": "none"
	"roleArn": "arn:aws:iam:123456789012:role/ExperimentRole"