How to contribute to localstack samples?

Where is the documentation guideline to contribute to Localstack samples?

I created a sample repo with AWS SDK for DynamoDB and SES with FastAPI. And I want to share my repo if possible.

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Hi @villerdex — Thanks for your interest! We are working on some community infrastructure that would make it easy for contributors to add new samples to the organization.

I would like to know if you would be fine with us, forking your sample and maintaining it on our end? Or else we can refer your sample under a community tag to ensure you have the ownership. Please let us know what works for you. It would also be great if you can share us the link of the sample so that we can better help you out.

Hi @HarshCasper

Thanks for responding back.

Can we do community tag? Here’s the repo github

Hi — Yes, please. Can you add:

  • a proper description
  • some apt tags, such as localstack, fastapi, dynamodb, ses to make it more visible
  • a simple CI workflow (I can do that if it helps by raising a PR)