How to make my program access to localstack S3


I created sample-bucket in localstack S3 and upload file.
I didn’t understand how to make my program access localstack S3?
Could you assist please?


Hi @yaelm,

You can find the details how to access S3 objects on our documentation page S3 | Docs (

For example:

awslocal s3 mb s3://my-bucket
echo "Hello World" > hello.txt
awslocal s3 cp .\hello.txt s3://my-bucket/hello.txt
awslocal s3 ls s3://my-bucket
awslocal s3 cp s3://my-bucket/hello.txt -
curl http://localhost:4566/my-bucket/hello.txt

I succeed to upload file to localstack S3.
I don’t understand how my program can access it instead f the real aws

Would you mind sharing more information about your program?
How are you interacting with LocalStack?

I’m new in LocaltSack. That what I’m trying to understand, how to interact with LocalStack

You can start using LocalStack by following our documentation Getting Started | Docs (

You can find more detailed documentations for specific integrations:
Integrations | Docs (
Language SDKs | Docs (

You can also browse through our detailed tutorials Developer Hub | Docs (

So LocalStack doesn’t support Java?

You can find tutorials using Java in our documentation. For example: