How to register an endpoint mapping

Is there an API request or CLI command which enables the mapping of a service from the localhost:4566. In this specific case, its the OpenSearch domain mapping to work around bug: pod save/restore of elastic search domain fails to restart ES (2.0.1dev) · Issue #8092 · localstack/localstack · GitHub

Currently, I have to delete and recreate my search cluster after each pod-restore, which kinda sucks from a persistence point of of view. It’s easy enough to manually restart opensearch in a ready.d script, but there’s some magic to register the search domain name in localstack that’s required, otherwise every request falls out to an S3 reference. Could someone point me at the doc for the mapping API?

Hi @mpsharp,

Currently, I can only point you to our documentation page OpenSearch Service | Docs (

If this is not enough, would you be so kind and add New Issue · localstack/docs (