How to use API Gateway V2 domain mapping

On AWS, I have multiple apis. Using domain mapping I then bind to a single custom domain. From here I can set up a datasource in appsync to forward all requests to this single domain.

I have a docker-compose setup. I have managed to set it up so that api gateway is able to reach each of my microservies. I can then reach my microservice through localhost:4566/restapis/some-api-id/v1/_user_request_/some/path. I have created a domain and mapped it to some-api-id.

My question is how do I access my api through a single point ( I am expecting something like localhost:4566/domain/ Then I would create a datasource for in appsync.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :raised_hands:t5:

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Hi @daverin — Apologies for the late response.

LocalStack currently doesn’t support domain mapping for API Gateway. One of our engineers is currently working on this feature and would be able to provide an update on this in the following weeks.

Please create an issue on our GitHub Issue board if you wish this to be prioritised :smiley:

P.S: If you have any additional requests around specific AWS services, please let us know so that we can start adding them to our roadmap and prioritise them.