Introducing EventBridge V2 in LocalStack

We are thrilled to announce the implementation of EventBridge V2 into LocalStack, marking a significant milestone in our mission to enhance the development and simulation of AWS event-driven services.

You can use the new functionality by setting PROVIDER_OVERRIDE_EVENTS=v2 environment variable when starting LocalStack.

With the new EventBridge, LocalStack supports a robust emulation environment, making it easier for developers to build and debug event-driven applications. This includes the ability to create complex event patterns, route events to multiple targets, create archives, and replay events giving you the freedom to simulate real-world event workflows without needing access to live AWS resources.

Supported Features

  • Buses: Manage custom EventBridge buses including creation, listing, updating, and deletion, as well as operations for the default bus in each region, such as listing, describing, and setting permissions.
  • Rules: Manage EventBridge rules with operations for creating, listing, describing, enabling, disabling, and deleting. Supports pattern matching and both cron and regex scheduled rules.
  • Pattern: Test event patterns with our upgraded rule-matching engine.
  • Targets: Add, list, and remove targets. Supported targets for EventBridge include:
    • EventBridge Bus (cross-region and cross-account fully supported)
    • Firehose
    • Kinesis
    • Lambda
    • CloudWatch Logs
    • Simple Notification Service
    • Simple Queue Service
    • Step Functions
  • Tagging: Full support for tagging both buses and rules.
  • Multi-account and multi-region: Fully supports event transmission between EventBridge buses across different regions and accounts.
  • Cloud pods and Persistence: Currently in experimental phase.

We are excited about the potential of these new features and look forward to hearing your experiences and feedback. Your input is invaluable in helping us refine and improve LocalStack. Please share your thoughts with us via comments or on our GitHub issue tracker.

What’s next:

This is the first stage in introducing EventBridge Studio, with the mission to make the black box EventBridge transparent for developers working with LocalStack.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance LocalStack and bring you the tools you need to succeed in your AWS development journey.

Try out the new features, experiment with EventBridge V2, give us feedback, and prepare for the upcoming EventBridge Studio. Together, let’s build the future of event-driven development!

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