Introducing LocalStack Academy

We are thrilled to introduce the LocalStack Academy, an outcome of our constant commitment to improving user experience and learning :tada: This educational platform marks the beginning of a video journey into developing and testing cloud applications faster and better. Our aim is to empower our community of cloud professionals with the knowledge of building AWS applications locally using LocalStack.

The Goal of LocalStack Academy

So, why the LocalStack Academy? Because we get it – remote development can be a headache. All that back-and-forth between uploading code, fixing errors, and deployment can be a real drag. That’s where LocalStack comes in. It lets you develop and test cloud apps right on your own computer, and of course you need a user’s manual. With the LocalStack Academy, we want to educate cloud users on how to kick-start their journey with this great AWS complementary tool.

What to Expect from the Academy

We’re kicking things off with Module 1 - LocalStack 101, a crash course on our go-to platform for building and testing cloud apps on your local machine. And don’t worry, there’s more coming your way soon.

We prepared a comprehensive playlist to get you up and running in just a few minutes.
You’ll start with an overview of the platform and what you can achieve with the power of LocalStack, from essential popular services to advanced collaboration features.
Once you’re settled in, we’ll jump straight into action with a real-world example and deploy a fully functional application on LocalStack. We’ll look at how you can monitor all these local AWS services using the Resource Browser, and finally, we’ll see how to better collaborate with our colleagues using Cloud Pods.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feedback as we extend our topics and feature coverage with these videos. Our mission is simple: we want to help you get into the groove of building cloud apps locally, and we’re starting with free courses to help you along the way.

You can find the LocalStack Academy in the Developer Hub section on our documentation site. Got questions or want to chat? Join our Slack community, we’re all ears and here to help!

What’s next ?

Keep an eye out for new courses and updates to LocalStack Academy as we work to improve the learning experience for our community.