Is Provisioned Concurrency Config Lambda feature supported by localstack?

Hey, I would like to know if the localstack supports Provisioned Concurrency for lambda.

I’m trying to configure locally this to my lambda and it’s on an infinity loop at pulumi step. I have tried to configure it with the command “aws --endpoint-url=http://host.docker.internal:4566 lambda put-provisioned-concurrency-config” and I’m getting a 404.

Lucas Gauna dos Santos


Currently, this service is not yet available, but we’d be happy to prioritize it on our roadmap. I have created a feature request on our GitHub page with the description you provided. We will use this issue to track the development status further. Thanks!

Hi @lucas.gauna

Provisioned concurrency is now available in our new Lambda implementation in LocalStack v2.

  • Feature request on GitHub is closed
  • Provisioned concurrency and reserved concurrency is implemented in this PR.

Current limitation: Persistence is currently not supported in combination with provisioned concurrency. Follow this issue on GitHub if you are using persistence.

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