Localstack only works on my works VPN?

If i disconnect from my company VPN localstack https://app.localstack.cloud/inst/default/resources states that my localstack is offline.

I use docker compose to setup localstack and everything works when i’m connected to the VPN however my home network doesn’t seem to allow localstack to work?

As you can see above my localstack docker container is running perfectly fine however my instance on the localstack site says offline.

Is this potentially something wrong with my router or does anyone know why i can’t use Localstack when not connected to my companies VPN?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Here is my instance showing offline.

Hello — We recommend that you consult with your internal IT team to whitelist our app in their network. This will ensure that users can securely access the LocalStack Web Application.

Thank you, would you happen to know the IP i’d need to get whitelisted?

Can you go ahead with the domain name localstack.cloud?