LocalStack release v0.14.4

We’re excited to share that LocalStack v0.14.4 is now available! The new LocalStack version includes our enhanced developer experience, new additions, and many new features to make development & test loops on AWS a breeze.

Community release

Our Community release features a lot of new enhancements and additions to support our community users:

All-new HTTP request handling framework

We have added a new HTTP request handling framework based on the chain of responsibility pattern, where requests are processed by Handlers that are part of a Handler Chain.

This framework replaces the edge proxy, generic proxy, and http2_server. It provides a clean interface for serving a Gateway (a request-response interface) through ASGI or WSGI.

It can be enabled by setting LEGACY_EDGE_PROXY=0 for your LocalStack configurations.

S3 object tagging notification support

Previously, S3 event notifications to SQS were working for ObjectCreated, but not ObjectTagging. With our current release, we add the support for object tagging notification. Thanks Aaron Smith, our community contributor for making this enhancement.

Healthcheck for Docker container

Charles Sprayberry has added healthcheck for LocalStack Docker container to mark the container unhealthy, in case any failure is returned on services status.

Support for AWS::OpenSearchService::Domain and EC2::Subnet

We have added the Domain resource for OpenSearch in CloudFormation. It functions the same as the Elasticsearch Domain (except some differences in parameters). We have also added CloudFormation support for remaining properties for EC2::Subnet resources (AssignIpv6AddressOnCreation, EnableDns64, MapPublicIpOnLaunch, PrivateDnsNameOptionsOnLaunch).

Swagger and OpenAPI export for API Gateway REST APIs

We have added basic support to export OpenAPI, swagger and oas3, features for REST APIs.

For an exhaustive list of enhancements, bug-fixes and more, check out our release notes for v0.14.4.

Pro release

Our Pro release features a lot of new enhancements and additions to support our Pro users:

Configurable Spark version for Glue jobs

The Spark version for Glue jobs configurable, based on the mapping defined in the Glue docs.

Improved parity for Cognito TOKEN endpoint

We have improved the overall parity for Cognito TOKEN endpoint with AWS by returning only the expected attributes for the corresponding grant_type’s (refer to AWS docs).

JWT authorizer support for API Gateway V2

We have added support for the JWT authoriser for ApigatewayV2. This will enable you to add JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) as a part of OpenID Connect (OIDC) and OAuth 2.0 frameworks to secure your APIs by validating the JWTs that clients submit with API requests.

Initial support for RDS MSSQL databases

We have added initial support for RDS MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server) databases. LocalStack starts up MSSQL databases as Docker containers using the mcr.microsoft.com/mssql/server image by default. Users need to explicitly set MSSQL_ACCEPT_EULA=Y in the environment, to make sure the Microsoft EULA is accepted (it is required to pass ACCEPT_EULA=Y to the container).

Implementation of MSK ListNodes API methods

We have added a basic implementation of MSK ListNodes API methods. The implementation currently mocks the response by creating a list of nodes that resembles what comes from AWS but also uses data from the cluster.

Support for AWS HTTP APIs with third-party JWT authorizers

We have added support for JWT authorizers outside Cognito by validating the token. Take it for a run from our official LocalStack Terraform example.

Availability of AppSync BatchPutItem resolver

Previously, the BatchPutItem operation was not supported with AppSync. With this new release, the AppSync BatchPutItem resolver is available.

Availability of Amazon API Gateway WebSockets authorizer call

We have enabled the authorizers to be called for pre-defined routes (connect, default, disconnect) for the Amazon API Gateway WebSockets authorizer call (refer to AWS docs for understanding the functionality)!

Activate Pro CLI commands if user is logged in

Previously the LOCALSTACK_API_KEY env var needed to be enabled to use the extended/Pro CLI commands, which is not a great user experience. We have added a login CLI plugin, which is always loaded.

What’s next?

If you love LocalStack v0.14.4, you will love our next release! Our next release will be our next major release and will solidify our LocalStack foundations around core cloud emulation and bringing the best dev & test experience to our users.

We are looking to feature community reviews on our website & socials. Promising schwag for everyone with a published testimonial. Fill out the interest form and let our team introduce themselves to you!