LocalStack release v0.14.5

We are excited to share that LocalStack v0.14.5 is now available! The new release contains new features, enhancements, and fixes to improve your experience further using LocalStack, before our major release, to make development & test loops on AWS a breeze.

Community release

Our Community release features a lot of new enhancements and additions to support our community users:

Support for NodeJS 16.x runtime

We have added support for NodeJS 16.x, allowing you to run and deploy your JavaScript/Typescript code to process events. Thanks Pavan Kumar Sunkara, our community contributor, for adding the initial support for NodeJS 16.x runtime.

Support for binary content in DynamoDB Streams

We have introduced the support for a new encoder for binary content. This feature has been in response to a bug report which reported error messages in the logs while trying to stream the DynamoDB changes to Kinesis due to errors in serializing bytes content.

Plugin installation for OpenSearch 1.1+

We have added support for a plugin installer for OpenSearch along with the ingest-attachment plugin installation by default. These plugins are only installed for OpenSearch versions greater than 1.1.0.

Validation of API Gateway Lambda integration responses

We have added a new validation of API Gateway Lambda integration responses. If your Lambda function’s response to the API request is not formatted correctly, API Gateway will return an HTTP 502 status code. The integration by default will return a content-type: application/json.

Enhance parity for SNS MessageAttributes consumed by AWS Java SDK

We have enhanced parity for SNS MessageAttributes consumed by AWS Java SDK. Previously, while trying to cast MessageAttributes with aws-sdk in Java, a user would run into an issue where the fields of the MessageAttributes would be wrong.

For an exhaustive list of enhancements, bug-fixes and more, check out our release notes for v0.14.5.

Pro release

Our Pro release features a lot of new enhancements and additions to support our Pro users:

Make Airflow versions for MWAA configurable

We have added support to make the Airflow versions for the Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow (MWAA) configurable. LocalStack Pro currently uses the apache/airflow:latest Docker image, and users can use the official AWS documentation to check various versions and strategies.

Enhance parity for Athena and AppSync schema responses

We now have enhanced parity for Athena databases and catalogs. We have implemented list_databases and get_database API methods with this feature. These are making queries to get the live list of databases. We will also return a default AwsDataCatalog data catalog, which is also present in AWS accounts by default. We have also fixed the startup command for Presto to enable logging via --server-log-file .

We now also feature enhanced parity for AppSync Schema responses.

Add CloudFormation models for DocumentDB resources

We have added support for CloudFormation models for DocumentDB resources.

Add installation of custom RDS Postgres versions

We have added installation support for custom RDS PostgreSQL database versions. We have also added a feature flag, RDS_PG_CUSTOM_VERSIONS, which is switched off by default for now. The default pre-installed Postgres is spun up if the flag is not enabled.

Support for SNS-backed custom resources

We now feature support for SNS-backed Custom Resources. Previously only AWS Lambda-backed custom resources were supported in LocalStack Pro. With this new feature, you can enable adding new resources to a stack and injecting dynamic data into a stack.

What’s next?

We are preparing a major release of LocalStack: v1.0. Some of the features that the LocalStack Community would be able to use include:

  • New filesystem hierarchy with simplified configuration
  • Full rollout of the AWS Server Framework (ASF)
  • A framework for testing and reporting parity with AWS
  • All new logging output for AWS requests
  • Improved error reporting
  • Remove deprecated persistence provider

We will also be rolling out new features for LocalStack Pro, which include:

  • Cloud Pods experience
  • Revamp of multi-account setups (experimental)
  • Introducing Extensions (experimental)
  • Access to detailed telemetry of your stacks
  • IAM enforcement for all services

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