LocalStack Release v1.4.0

We’re excited to announce the release of LocalStack v1.4.0! Throughout this release development, we have made Lambda Layer CRUD, advanced security options in OpenSearch, and improved Global Tables support in DynamoDB available to LocalStack Community. For our licensed users, we now feature MySQL in RDS, usage of public Lambda layers from AWS, and our improved Big Data Mono Container support.

Community Release

Our Community release features new enhancements and additions to support our Community users.

Improved Global Tables support in DynamoDB

These API operations now support global tables in DynamoDB:

  • UpdateItem
  • DeleteItem
  • ListTables
  • UpdateTable
  • DescribeTable

Lambda Layer CRUD

Lambda Layer CRUD is now available in LocalStack Community. You can now publish, delete, and list layers. However, they will not be added to the Lambda execution itself, so they will not affect the execution of the Lambda function.

Advanced Security Options in OpenSearch

It is now possible to enable the security plugin for OpenSearch domains. Currently, this supports Internal User Database. After the domain setup, the cluster can only be accessed with the given master user credentials. However, Elasticsearch domains are currently not supported (neither via the OpenSearch nor the Elasticsearch service).

Other changes and enhancements

  • OpenSearch 2.3 is now supported and used by default.
  • Add support for SNS subscriptions FilterPolicyScope with MessageBody.
  • Add support for S3 Notification Event s3:ObjectAcl:Put
  • Add support for Macros / Global Transformations in CloudFormation
  • Improved performance for publish operations in SNS

Pro Release

LocalStack Pro release features a lot of new enhancements and additions to support our licensed users:

Experimental Big Data Mono Container Support

We have merged several enhancements in the experimental Big Data Mono Container Support. This allows Big Data services to be spun directly inside the LocalStack main container. To enable the Mono Container, start your LocalStack container with BIGDATA_MONO_CONTAINER=1. The Big Data Mono Container Support will be enabled by default in the upcoming 2.0 release.

MySQL and custom versions in RDS

We have added support for MySQL and custom versions in Relational Database Service (RDS). A MariaDB installation is usually used when requesting a MySQL engine type. To use a real MySQL version, set the environment variable RDS_MYSQL_DOCKER=1. With this feature enabled, the MySQL community server will be started in a new Docker container. Check out RDS docs for more information on setting up MySQL with LocalStack.

Public Lambda Layers from AWS

While using Lambda CreateFunction or UpdateFunctionConfiguration, it is now possible to specify an externally hosted layer, eg. arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:770693421928:layer:Klayers-p39-PyYAML:1. You can check out the PHP/Bref LocalStack Pro sample illustrating the feature.

Other changes and enhancements

  • Add support for Lambda Transparent Endpoint Injection with Python, NodeJS, Ruby and Java.
  • Add support for Lambda Layers in the Kubernetes executor.
  • Several enhancements for running Lambda functions as pods on Kubernetes
  • Apache Airflow 2.4.3 is now supported in MWAA and used by default.
  • Persistence support for CloudFormation.
  • on_platform_shutdown hooks are now available for LocalStack Extensions.


  • KMS_PROVIDER and local-kms provider is now deprecated and marked for removal in the next major release.
  • EDGE_FORWARD_URL is deprecated and marked for removal in the next major release.
  • Cognito Endpoints will be migrated in the upcoming major release. This will affect the /login , /logout , /signup, /forgotPassword endpoints.
  • The /?_config_ endpoint is deprecated and moved to /_localstack/config.
  • The /_localstack/ses endpoint is deprecated and moved to /_aws/ses.