LocalStack Release v2.1.0

We’re excited to announce the release of LocalStack v2.1.0! With new features like OpenSearch 2.5 support and cross-account compatibility, this release is a incremental step for streamlining your AWS development. Read on for the full run-down of what’s new and what’s changed. :rocket:

Community Release

Our Community release features new enhancements and additions to support our Community users.

Faster startup time for DynamoDB

DynamoDB service in LocalStack is powered by DynamoDB Local. With this release, DynamoDB Local is included in the LocalStack Docker image. Previously, this was downloaded from the AWS servers and this on-demand installation was sluggish. Users will experience a startup time improvement for the DynamoDB provider.

Structured Access Key IDs

LocalStack now supports structured access key IDs such as LSIAQAAAAAAVNCBMPNSG which encode account IDs. By default, only keys starting the the L prefix are issued and accepted to prevent accidental misuse of production AWS keys that have the A prefix. Find the docs here — Credentials | Docs

Cross-account Access

LocalStack takes multi-accounts to the next level by introducing cross-account access. Using resource ARNs, KMS keys, SQS queues, Lambda functions and layers can now be retrieved even when they belong to another account. Find the docs here — Cross-Account and Cross-Region Access | Docs

Other changes and enhancements

  • Base Docker image is updated from Debian Buster to Debian Bullseye.
  • Developer Hub — Users can now filter sample applications based on services, complexity level, infrastructure provider, programming languages, and Cloud Pods support.
  • DynamoDB CRUD operations have been improved and are now 20% faster.
  • MWAA now supports OpenSearch 2.5.

Pro Release

LocalStack Pro release features a lot of new enhancements and additions to support our licensed users:

Massive improvements to the IoT provider

IoT provider now publishes lifecycle events when various client actions occur. It can also publish registry events for Thing actions when enabled. The IoT MQTT broker now supports MQTT v5. Similar to AWS, the MQTT broker also limits the quality of service (QoS) to 1. Furthermore, the IoT topic rule engine can now send triggers to DynamoDB.

AppSync now supports JavaScript resolvers

We have added initial support for AppSync JavaScript resolvers. This will allow expression of processing logic within JavaScript. To have a clean separation, JavaScript resolver function are executed in a Docker container and on NodeJS 16.x.

Other changes and enhancements

  • RDS now supports PostgresSQL 10, 14 and 15.
  • MWAA now supports Airflow 2.5.1.