LocalStack Release v2.2.0

LocalStack 2.2.0 is out live! With new AWS features like Glue 4.0 support, S3 Lifecycle Expiration, and Opensearch/Elasticsearch resources, and more. We have released an all-new LocalStack CLI experience with binary builds, auto-completion, Homebrew support, and UX improvements. Check out the full details in the release notes! :rocket:

Community Release

The Community release features new enhancements and additions to support our Community users.

New features and improvements in the S3 provider

We have implemented new operations in the S3 provider, improved support for the S3 Lifecycle & Object Retention, and implemented 2 new notifications events.

The CRUD implementations (Get/Put/Delete/List) for the following resources have been implemented:

  • BucketIntelligentTiering
  • BucketAnalytics
  • BucketInventory

The support for the following S3 Notifications events have been added as well:

  • ObjectRestore:Post
  • ObjectRestore:Completed

The support for S3 Lifecycle Expiration has been added, which will now return the Expiration header if a BucketLifecycleConfiguration is configured and a rule matches the object. The support for Object Retention in GOVERNANCE mode is also available now in the S3 provider.

Support for Destinations in CloudWatch Logs

The CRUD implementation support for Destinations in the CloudWatch Logs have been added:

  • GetDestination
  • PutDestination
  • DeleteDestination
  • DescribeDestinations
  • PutDestinationPolicy

Enhanced support for encryption context in the KMS APIs

The KMS provider now supports encryption context in the following APIs:

  • GenerateDataKeyWithoutPlaintext
  • GenerateDataKey
  • GenerateDataKeyPairWithoutPlaintext
  • GenerateDataKeyPair

Multi-Account & Cross-Account support

The Multi-Account & Cross-Account support is now available for:

  • S3 buckets are now accessible across accounts (GetObject PutObject ListObjects).
  • S3 buckets now have a cross-account namespace i.e. a bucket with the same name cannot be created in two different accounts.
  • Opensearch and Elasticsearch resources can now be created in non-default account.

Pro Release

The Pro release features a lot of new enhancements and additions to support our licensed users:

Initial support for EMR Serverless

We have recently released EMR Serverless with LocalStack. With the current implementation, you can now create applications and job runs, to run your Spark/PySpark jobs locally. You can check out the following to get started quickly:

New Cloud Pods client

We have shipped a new Cloud Pods client leveraging LocalStack container’s APIs and storing Cloud Pod’s artifacts inside the container itself. This client becomes the default provider from v3.0. You can activate the client with the ACTIVATE_NEW_POD_CLIENT flag.

Live Policy Streams

You can now use Live policy streams during your LocalStack usage to see the IAM policies generated for your API calls. Use localstack aws iam stream to debug and generate IAM policies. Users can compare this to the actual policies, if there are some, or to use it as their policy without the hassle to write it themselves.

Other changes and enhancements

  • Support for Glue 4.0 with Spark 3.3.0 has been added.
  • Support for global clusters has been added to RDS.
  • Support for MySQL databases has been added to RDS Data API.
  • Various enhancements and parity fixes in AppSync, including better context (de)serialization, context objects for Lambda data sources, and account/region lookup fixes.
  • Several enhancements in Timestream queries, including UNNEST, and interpolation functions.
  • Support for AWS::RDS::DBProxy and AWS::RDS::DBProxyTargetGroup CloudFormation resources

SaaS Release

The SaaS (LocalStack Web Application) features new features and improvements to manage your LocalStack subscriptions, local AWS resources via our intuitive user-interface:

ECR Resource Browser

We have released the Elastic Container Registry (ECR) Resource Browser. The ECR Resources Browser allows you to create, view, manage ECR repositories from the LocalStack Web Application and push container images from your local machine.

Status Page links to Resource Browser

The System Status Page now links to individual Resource Browser pages (if available!) to allow you to create, view, manage, and update resources from the Web Application itself. You can check what resources are presently running right now, and click on them to navigate to the Resource Browser.

Other changes and enhancements

  • Improved EventBridge Resource Browser with CRUD functionalities
  • Users can upgrade and downgrade to/from any plan (with some limitations for legacy EUR plans)
  • Displaying authentication links in account settings
  • Usage estimations for trials


  • EC2_AUTOSTART_DAEMON is now deprecated and marked for removal in the next major release.
  • AUTOSTART_UTIL_CONTAINERS is now deprecated and marked for removal in the next major release.
  • The Bigdata image support with the localstack/bigdata image and the BIGDATA_MONO_CONTAINER=0 variable will be removed in the next major release.
  • The legacy S3 & Lambda providers will be removed in the next major release.
  • Host interface modification (used for automatic usage of the LocalStack DNS) when starting LocalStack in host mode is now deprecated and marked for removal in the next major release.