LocalStack Release v3.2.0

LocalStack 3.2.0 release includes new AWS Pinpoint and Textract providers, EventBridge Pipes, and new Resource Browsers for various AWS services.

Community Release

The release features new enhancements and additions to support our community-edition users.

Input Transformation in EventBridge

EventBridge now supports Input Transformation. You can modify the text of an event before EventBridge forwards the information to the rule’s target. By using the input transformer, you establish variables that utilize JSON path to indicate values in the initial event source. The altered event is then dispatched to a target in place of the original event.

Additional regex filter patterns in CloudWatch

CloudWatch now supports the additional regex filter patterns supported by AWS. These regular expressions can be used to create standalone filter patterns or be integrated with JSON and space-delimited filter patterns.

Other changes and enhancements

  • Significant improvements to multi-accounts and multi-region setup compatibility.
  • OpenSearch now supports v2.11.
  • LocalStack is now more intelligent about printing download progress debug messages when the DEBUG flag is configured.

Pro Release

The Pro release features a lot of new enhancements and additions to support our licensed users.

New Pinpoint provider

We have shipped an initial support for a new Pinpoint provider, supporting basic CRUD operations surrounding AWS Pinpoint.

The following API operations have been implemented:

  • CreateApp
  • DeleteApp
  • DeleteEventStream
  • GetApp
  • GetApplicationSettings
  • GetApps
  • GetEventStream
  • ListTagsForResource
  • PutEventStream
  • TagResource
  • UntagResource
  • UpdateApplicationSettings

New Textract provider

We have shipped an initial support for a new Textract provider, supporting basic CRUD operations surrounding AWS Textract.

The following API operations have been implemented:

  • DetectDocumentText
  • GetDocumentTextDetection
  • StartDocumentTextDetection

New features in EventBridge Pipes

We have shipped new features in our EventBridge Pipes implementation. They include:

  • Basic poller for DynamoDB streams and SNS sender.
  • Improvements to batching and concurrency.
  • CloudWatch logging.

Other changes and enhancements

  • EC2 instance IP address can now be obtained from DescribeInstances or RunInstances API. This will make it easier to set up workflows that involve network access of emulated EC2 instances.
  • EC2 now provides Ubuntu 22.04 and Amazon Linux 2023 AMIs by default.
  • MWAA now supports Airflow 2.6.3 and 2.7.2 and comes with improved ARM64 compatibility.
  • RDS now comes with built-in support for the PostGIS extension.
  • Cognito now supports Pre token generation Lambda V2_0 trigger event.

SaaS Release

The SaaS LocalStack Web Application features new components and improvements to manage your LocalStack subscriptions, local AWS resources via our intuitive user-interface:

  • New Resource Browsers for the following AWS services are available on LocalStack Web Application:

    • ACM
    • Amplify
    • AppConfig
    • Cognito Identity
    • DocumentDB
    • EKS
    • MQ
    • MWAA
    • QLDB
    • Transcribe
  • SNS Resource Browser now allows you to publish messages from the LocalStack Web Application.


  • MWAA: Airflow versions v1.10.12, v2.0.2, v2.2.2 have reached end-of-support and will be removed in the next major release of LocalStack
  • EC2: LocalStack will no longer provide the Ubuntu 20.04 Docker AMI by default from the next major release.
  • RDS: Postgres 10 is deprecated and will not be available from the next major release.
  • Cloud Pods: Due to a critical security update, some Cloud Pods may break with this release. It is advisable to re-create the Cloud Pods with the latest version of LocalStack