New CloudWatch Provider

Introducing the New CloudWatch Provider in LocalStack 3.1

We are excited to announce the release of LocalStack 3.1, which includes a new Cloudwatch provider. This provider offers enhanced functionality and improved performance, making it easier than ever to monitor and manage your applications in a local development environment.

Why We Needed a New Provider?

The current v1 provider relies on in-memory storage for metrics and alarms in Moto, resulting in memory-related challenges. Additionally, it is accompanied by known concurrency issues. These limitations prompted the development of the new CloudWatch provider in LocalStack 3.1.

With the new provider, you can expect enhanced functionality and improved performance. It addresses the memory-related challenges and concurrency issues of the previous version, ensuring a smoother monitoring experience in your local development environment.

How We Achieved It?

We successfully completed a migration from our previous backend, which was based on Moto, a framework that relied on storing data in Python objects. With the introduction of CloudWatch v2, we took the opportunity to enhance our storage system significantly. Now, metrics are efficiently stored in SQLite, providing better performance and scalability. In addition, we have embraced the power of LocalStack ASF to achieve a higher level of API parity, enabling us to leverage advanced features and functionality. This strategic decision has proven to be instrumental in enhancing the overall performance and reliability of our backend system.


The new Cloudwatch provider offers enhanced performance when it comes to reading and filtering stored data. Moreover, while it may be slightly slower than v1 when handling large volumes of metrics, it brings with it the advantage of significantly reducing RAM consumption. By integrating with Cloudwatch and other associated services, the new Cloudwatch provider now consumes far less RAM, resulting in optimized resource utilization. Not only that, but the new Cloudwatch provider is also equipped with robust thread-safety features, ensuring that any concerns regarding concurrency issues are effectively addressed. With these improvements, you can now enjoy a seamless monitoring experience in your local development environment, free from any apprehensions about concurrent operations.

Get Started with the New Cloudwatch Provider

To start using the new Cloudwatch provider in LocalStack 3.1, simply update your LocalStack installation and follow the provided documentation. Take advantage of the enhanced monitoring capabilities and unleash the full potential of your local development environment.

We value your feedback! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for further improvements, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team or join our community forums.

Happy monitoring with the new Cloudwatch provider in LocalStack 3.1!