New dynamodb-dashboard inspired from dynamodb-admin near close UI with Amazon's

Inspired from dynamodb-admin, created a new package for managing dynamodb, still in its early phase but stable. Do checkout at dynamodb-dashboard.


Hi @kritishdhaubanjar :wave:

Congratulations on the project release, and on sharing it with us :smile:

Great work and I am excited to try this out over the upcoming week with LocalStack! I would look forward to sharing my feedback and communicating this with LocalStack Team :rocket:

Tagging @whummer and @giograno :+1:


Hi @HarshCasper ,
I appreciate it very much :pray:. To hear opinions and suggestions from the LocalStack community would be an honor.

Iā€™d love to hear from you again!


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New update to restore local dynamodb from any remote dynamodb database using programmatic access.