New LocalStack VSCode Extension

Hi everyone :wave:

We just released a preview of our brand new LocalStack VSCode Extension :rocket:

It supports deploying and invoking Python Lambda functions through AWS SAM or AWS CloudFormation.


Before starting, please install and start LocalStack (e.g., using localstack start)

  1. Clone the sample repository git clone

  2. Open the sample project in VSCode code lambda-python

  3. Install the LocalStack VSCode Extension recommended by the project

  4. Open the Python handler under app/

  5. Click the CodeLens “Deploy Lambda function”, select the template.yaml, and choose a stack name such as my-stack

    Deploy Lambda function

  6. Click the CodeLens “Invoke Lambda function” and pick the stack name my-stack and the function hello-world-function

    Invoke Lambda function


Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas by replying to this Discuss post! What would you like to see in the LocalStack VSCode Extension?

  • Hot reloading
  • Remote debugging
  • Invocation templates
  • Other runtimes: Nodejs, Java, Golang, .NET, …
  • Other deployment tools: Terraform, CDK, Serverless, …
  • :crystal_ball:

You can also create or upvote :+1: a feature request on GitHub or reach out to us in our Community Slack


Hi team, thank you so much for your effort!
Would appreciate Nodejs support in the extension:slight_smile:

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