New StepFunctions implementation in LocalStack 3.0

We are thrilled to introduce the latest update to our StepFunctions provider, featuring a native implementation that brings several enhancements compared to the previous version. Here are the key improvements:

Extended Support for Map States

  • ItemProcessor Support: With the new update, support for iteration is no longer restricted to Iterator declarations. You can now harness the power of ItemProcessor to enhance the functionality of Map states in your workflows.

  • Inline Map: The introduction of Inline map iterators.

  • Distributed MapRun: The update brings Distributed MapRun, enabling the efficient execution of Map states across multiple resources. This support also extends to API actions.

  • Support for ItemReader: The new StepFunctions provider includes support for ItemReader, providing enhanced capabilities for reading and processing items within your workflows. This support extends to API actions for enhanced functionality.

    • S3 Integrations for CSV Files: You can integrate S3 for processing CSV files and configure CSV headers access or declaration.

    • S3 Integrations for JSON Input Files: The update allows you to read and process JSON input files from S3 objects.

    • S3 Integrations for ListObjectsV2 Calls: Utilize S3 integrations for ListObjectsV2 calls as inputs.

  • Extended Support for Timeouts and Heartbeats: The updated StepFunctions provider now offers extended support for timeouts and heartbeats, enabling more robust control and monitoring of state deadlines.

Support for State Machine Versioning

Easily manage state machine versions with the new StepFunctions provider, providing better control and organisation for your state machines. This support also extends to API actions.

EventBridge Integration

StepFunctions now publishes execution status changes on EventBridge, offering real-time insights into the progress and status of your executions.

Extended Intrinsic Functions Support

Our updated StepFunctions provider offers support for all the latest Intrinsic Functions, providing you with more flexibility in values manipulations directly into your state machine definitions.

Higher Parity with AWS’s StepFunctions Service

We are proud to announce that our StepFunctions provider now achieves higher parity with AWS’s StepFunctions service than ever before. This extends to exceptions raised by optimized service integrations, and execution history events.

These latest enhancements mark a significant step forward in our commitment to delivering a more robust and authentic StepFunctions provider.


How can I use the new StepFunctions provider?

Update to LocalStack ≥3.0 or update your latest image. The new StepFunctions provider is now active by default.

How can I use the old StepFunctions provider (deprecated)?

The old StepFunctions provider is temporarily available in LocalStack v3 using PROVIDER_OVERRIDE_STEPFUNCTIONS=legacy but we highly recommend migrating as soon as possible since we will drop support for this in LocalStack v4.

I found an issue with the new provider (compared to the legacy provider)

We’re still ironing out some parts of the service. Please open an issue on GitHub. We’ll be prioritizing any regressions here until the phase-out with v4.