Remote Debugging Dotnet Lambdas

Is it possible to debug dotnet lambdas remotely? I have tried to attach Visual Studio and vscode to a container spun up by LocalStack representing a lambda but they fail trying to create files as they do not have the correct permissions. Creating the directories with the correct permissions does not work as there appear to be missing packages necessary for these IDEs to attach. I have been unable to locate a package manager on the images that are spun up either which would allow these packages to be manually downloaded.

Has anyone been able to remote debug dotnet lambdas in anyway? Perhaps a different IDE than those two would work better?

As well, I have noticed that dotnet debugging is not mentioned in the documentation on remote debugging here:

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Hi @TrevorThoele :wave:

Thanks for sharing this use case — We have not yet tested and verified Remote debugging for .NET Lambdas. We will look forward to prioritizing this for our documentation and examples and solving this use case. Theoretically, by setting the Lambda Docker flags it should work out, but we are not sure if the image has all the dependencies to run the .NET debugger. I would work further on this, and keep this thread updated :+1:

Thank You!

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