SNS GCM PlatformApplication requires actual PlatformCredential

Hi Everyone,

I am working on an application that uses AWS SNS Platform Applications to notify users on some activity. It uses GCM Firebase for the notifications. We have decided to use Localstack for running our integration tests locally instead of utilizing real AWS cloud infrastructure.

The service simply publishes a message to an endpoint within a Platform Application. I have done all the pre-requisite steps and set up localstack with the Platform Application and endpoints. However, when I publish a message I get an InvalidCredential error unless I provide the real PlatformCredential i.e. our real Firebase Google API Key.

I do not want to publish messages to our actual Firebase account when doing integration tests. That would defeat the purpose of doing the tests locally. Is there any way I can disable this credential validation? Linking some resources below for reference. Thank You!

create-platform-application — AWS CLI 1.27.5 Command Reference (
create-platform-endpoint — AWS CLI 1.27.5 Command Reference (