Something went wrong during OAuth Process

I keep getting “Something went wrong during OAuth Process” when I use GitHub oAuth.

Im a paid LocalStack Account.

In the past it happened, but very rarely. To resolve this issue. I would go to GitHub → settings. Select Integrations → Applications, then the tab “Authorized Auth Apps” find LocalStack, delete it, and then recreate the whole oAuth Exchange… but lately, it is happening a lot, and I see LocalStack’s callback is AWS cognito… I cant afford to spend an hour on this, how do you get rid of this oAuth Link, I want to use my own personal Account and log into LocalStack.

Hi Philip, thanks for alerting us to this issue. We’ll take a look and try to resolve this quickly.

Its happening again today… Just so you guys know, Im in Australia Time zone Sydney.

I wouldn’t be surprised. if someone is doing some kind of maintenance at this time.

Can I just disconnect my authentication from Github? This is really a pain in the arse.

Hi @philip.a.senger,

You can disconnect the connection. You can find the option under Identity Providers
at Password and Authentication - LocalStack.