Starting only s3 service

Hi, is there an option for using only s3 (the rest are not running)? It says in the docs that SERVICES is deprecated.

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You can currently still use SERVICES=sqs,s3,... together with EAGER_SERVICE_LOADING=1. It has been mentioned on the same documentation that you have linked to. Please let me know if you further need help with it.

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Ah makes sense, thanks for helping me out. Should I be worried that it’s in deprecated section?

As of now, you don’t need to worry about it :smile:

Hi, I’ve tried to use SERVICES=DYNAMODB with EAGER_SERVICE_LOADING=1 and continue to see other services (S3) accessible/reachable. I’m trying to use Localstack with integration tests to validate application code if/when an AWS service is down. With multiple services being used from my application code, I don’t see a mechanism to test if one service is down. Seemingly I have to just shut down the entire localstack container. Am I missing something?