Support for S3 Glacier event notifications


I am trying out localstack pro to see if we can use it to test some S3 Glacier behavior. I am creating an S3 object, changing its storage class to GLACIER, and then restoring the object. That all works fine. I have created a simple lambda to capture events from s3 and configured my bucket with the lambda. I see all of the s3:ObjectCreated:* events. The problem I am seeing is that I don’t see any s3:LifecycleTransition events or s3:ObjectRestore:*. Are the lifecycle events being generated by localstack?


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Hey Mark @mmmoales. Thanks for reporting. Looks like we don’t have support for s3:LifecycleTransition or s3:ObjectRestore events yet!

I’ve slightly renamed the topic to make it clear that this is a feature request that people can upvote :slight_smile:

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