Unable to login

Unable to login via GitHub.

I’ve been using LocalStack paid subscription for a couple of weeks now. I got it to work eventually.

I must say your onboarding experience could be better. Better doco and examples. I want to use awslocal cli to build an appsync instance. There wasn’t much there to be honest. Then I hit an issue accessing the Resource Browser which really could have been easily fixed with a simple message on the frontend.

Now I can’t login. And I can’t get chat support unless I’m logged in.

Would be good if you could prioritise addressing the above.



Hi Ben — Thanks for reaching out!

We are currently revamping our getting started experience. You can sign up for it over localstack.cloud/insiders :slight_smile:

Can you please share what error did you encounter when you tried using Resource Browser? Also, support is available not just via chat but also over Slack since we have dedicated Pro support.

I would be happy to work with you over all the feedback you have to share! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards!