Using Localstack in CI


Am I able to use localstack in CI (GitHub actions) without a paid license (via docker image)?


Hi @michael.timko,

Please refer to the documentation LocalStack in CI | Docs, how to use LocalStack in CI environment.
Though, you will need to acquire the CI credits.

I am a little confused. Why does the following doc say i can use the community image for free in my CI pipeline?

The Community image can be used to run local AWS services with integrations on your local machine or in your continuous integration pipelines.

This makes it sound like I don’t need credits. To clarify, I want to use the localstack docker image not the localstack-pro image.

Hi Michael,

CI credits is applicable only for Pro & Team users. I will edit the documentation to make more sense to the end users!

As a community users, you can download, run, and execute LocalStack functionalities as many times as you want. You don’t require an API key, and we don’t track any of the LocalStack activations on our end.

If you are a Pro/Team user, we need to track the license activations and this is why we use CI credits. I hope this clarifies the situation!


Awesome! Thanks for the clarification.

One final follow up question:
Are there any restrictions and is it ok to use the community edition in CI (via something like GitHub actions) for a commercial application?

Yes — The following use LocalStack’s Community edition (locally and on CI) for various use-cases:

We don’t have any restrictions on using LocalStack Community edition for building commercial applications.



Thanks @HarshCasper for the help

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