Using LocalStack in place of AWS proper

I have a small ecs webserver I am currently working on, just for fun/my CV. Now I’d love to have this constantly available, and to show off some CICD etc, however I don’t want to spend the $30 a month it would require to host on AWS proper.

Now I know it’s not what it’s for, but I have a raspberryPI im not using, it I setup a ddns address pointing to it, can I just run the server using LocalStack myself? I know I could just use docker, but I’d quite like to keep my terraform/AWS setup as is. Before I go working on trying to set this up, I though I’d come here for a quick sense check. Does this stand any chance of working? Thanks for your help!

Hi — Using LocalStack in any production-like environment is not suggested and hosting LocalStack instances may have some licensing implications.