Validation error when creating stack with cloudformation

I am creating stack using cloudformation to create a few dynamo tables. The same template and command works with aws, however, it fails with localstack.

This is the error

An error occurred (ValidationError) when calling the CreateChangeSet operation: Template format error: [/Resources/PostTable] Every Resources object must contain a Type member.

This is the logs from localstack docker container

2024-06-09T12:48:03.221 INFO — [et.reactor-0] : AWS sts.GetCallerIdentity => 200
2024-06-09T12:48:04.010 DEBUG — [et.reactor-0] plux.runtime.manager : instantiating plugin PluginSpec( = <function cloudformation at 0x77c5b3f6c4a0>)
2024-06-09T12:48:04.010 DEBUG — [et.reactor-0] plux.runtime.manager : loading plugin
2024-06-09T12:48:04.347 INFO — [et.reactor-0] : AWS cloudformation.DescribeStacks => 400 (ValidationError)
2024-06-09T12:48:04.358 INFO — [et.reactor-0] : AWS s3.HeadObject => 404 (NoSuchKey)
2024-06-09T12:48:04.371 INFO — [et.reactor-0] : AWS s3.PutObject => 200
2024-06-09T12:48:04.384 INFO — [et.reactor-1] : AWS s3.GetObject => 200
2024-06-09T12:48:04.390 INFO — [et.reactor-0] : AWS cloudformation.CreateChangeSet => 400 (ValidationError)

Hello @accounts_share,

Could you provide us with the CloudFormation template so that we can investigate the issue?


Thank you for the sample.

Currently, this Cfn transformation is not supported in LocalStack CloudFormation | Docs (

Please create a feature request on GitHub, and we will investigate the possibility of adding it.

Thank you.

Which transformation exactly? Do you mean,

Name: AWS::Include


Also, it is surprising that this is not supported, because this exact template has been working fine with localstack and it suddenly start throwing this error