Wrong API Gateway in generated Cloudfront distribution

Hi all. I have a pro subscription, and I am using the latest image in my docker container (localstack/localstack-pro:latest). After deploying, I get a response as the one below (notice the endpoint):

endpoint: ANY - https://4e0b000a.execute-api.localhost.localstack.cloud:4566/
    url: [https://localhost:4566](https://localhost:4566/)
    cname: 2d0d000a.cloudfront.localhost.localstack.cloud

Issue: I could visit my gateway, but opening the cname failed.

If I run the awslocal cloudfront list-distributions command to pull the Cloudfront distribution info, in the config I see that the DomainName has the following value: 4e0b000a.execute-api.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com.

If you notice the front part 4e0b000a.execute-api is the same, but the latter points to AWS instead of Localstack. Once I manually update the config with the value returned after deployment, the issue is fixed. So I believe that this is a bug.

Also, worth noticing is that we also use S3 for our assets, and that seems to work just fine (the DomainName in the distribution is placeholderwebsiteassets0a00bb00-000ed12d.s3.localhost.localstack.cloud