How to Upload Cloud Pods?

Hi all!

I am attempting to use Cloud Pods for the first time and am a bit confused by the process. Following the docs here, it seems as though the process should be incredibly straightforward. However, nothing seems to be uploading.

My LocalStack setup includes 4 lambda functions with layers and when running commands such as awslocal lambda list-functions, I can see that all my functions are there and I can invoke them as expected.

When I run export LOCALSTACK_API_KEY=... and localstack pod save <my-new-pod>, a file is created on my local. This file contains my setup perfectly, however, based on the documentation, I would expect this to also upload the image too.

This doesn’t seem to be the case. What am I missing?

Hi — We are working on updating the Cloud Pods documentation. Your feedback is helpful!

Coming to your question — Only LocalStack Team users are able to upload the Cloud Pod on the LocalStack Web Application. If you are a Teams user, please login using the localstack login command on your local machine. This will enable you to save the Cloud Pod on the Web Application. If you are a Pro/Community user, you can just save the Cloud Pod on your local machine and share it as a binary object over a GitHub/GitLab repo.

Thanks for the fast reply! I am only a Pro user not Teams, so that makes total sense.

As you mentioned, this could be a good update on the documentation to make it clear that the upload to the Web Application is only available to Teams users.

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Definitely — We are documenting some storage backends that Cloud Pods can work with which would make it easy for you to upload Cloud Pods.

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