Is it possible to forward SES emails into an S3 bucket?

I have created an S3 bucket, a verified domain, an SES receipt rule set, an SES receipt rule with an action to put emails into the S3 bucket then sent an SES email but the S3 bucket remains empty. All associated operations result in a 200 response. The email was received on the container according to the (GET /_localstack/ses) request as outlined in this documentation: Simple Email Service (SES) | Docs.

I then looked at what I believe is the source code for sending SES emails here: and do not see a place where it would be attempt to add into the S3 bucket (or handling other actions for that matter).

Is this something I should be looking at adding a feature request for?


SES ReceiptRules in LocalStack currently only operate as mocks. If you would like this implemented, please create a feature request on our GitHub issue tracker.

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