LocalStack Desktop indicates Endpoint unreachable


I am able to launch LocalStack Team edition successfully. However when I am trying to access from LocalStack desktop am getting an error saying endpoint unreachable.


Hi — I am confused here. You seem to be starting LocalStack by using docker run and on the other hand, you are trying to start it via LocalStack Desktop as well. Am I understanding this correctly?

Hi @HarshCasper,

I am starting docker only from the command line. But when I try to view the same from LocalStack Desktop it is showing the error “Endpoint unreachable”. I am launching the LocalStack Desktop on the same machine where localstack is running. Why am I getting this error? This is strange.
Do I need to follow any configuration steps to integrate localstack running on my machine with LocalStack desktop?

Hi — If you are using LocalStack Desktop, you don’t need to manually run LocalStack via Docker. The Desktop takes care of that. The “Endpoint unreachable” error is cryptic. Would you like to join our Slack community (localstack.cloud/slack) and drop me a DM (@Harsh) ? I would love to know more what’s causing the problem and have this fixed. Thank You!

Hello @Ananda,

There are few things that might be an issue. Please have a look at Linux post-installation steps for Docker Engine | Docker Docs.
Env variables HTTP_PROXY / HTTPS_PROXY should not contain double quotes, just use the URL without them.
You might want to set the ports with the IP, i.e.

Your default values in the docker run command should contain the configuration similar to our default docker-compose.yml file.